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TUESDAY, APRIL 2nd Metro Council Public Hearing


After months of meetings and negotiations, and with the help of Council Members Kindall and Murphy, the RWENA Board met with GBT, the developers, March 11 for three hours to discuss continued concerns about the proposed project. After the meeting, RWENA sent a letter to Council Members Kindall, Allen, Murphy and GBT to reiterate our positions. 

Without further discussion, GBT informed the board on March 15 that they have filed a revised version of their SP (Specific Plan) Zoning Request in which they have rescinded several of their earlier parking, infrastructure improvement, and traffic promises that impact surrounding neighborhoods. 


Call and email ALL Metro Council Members and tell them why you do not approve of a zoning change at 3415 Murphy Rd.  A full list of phone numbers and email addresses can be found at

Its less personal, but you can also send one email to the entire Metro Council at

Suggested Subject Line: Vote NO on Substitute Bill BL2018-1358 for Murphy Road SP at April 2nd Public Hearing

Key Points to Make: 

• We support future development as allowed under the current zoning, which is an approximate 10-story, 190,000 square foot development on this 1.47 acre site. 

• There are nine adjacent lots to 3415 Murphy Road that could be redeveloped. If 3415 SP zoning is approved, we anticipate these lots and their developers would seek up-zoning. The idea that area neighborhoods would have to negotiate new standards with each prospective developer is not something we support. It is realistic to assume each prospective developer will want to build a project as big as or bigger than whatever is approved through this SP zoning. 

• We look forward to working with any developer who can realize the potential for this Murphy Road/West End area under the current zoning provisions. 


All concerned neighbors should meet on the second floor outside the Council Chambers at One Public Square between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 2nd 

• The Metro Council meeting begins promptly at 6:30 p.m.
• Invite your neighbors to go with you and carpool – parking is free at the courthouse • Need a ride? Post a ride request on NextDoor or go as a groups with your     neighbors.  If you don’t want to drive, it’s worth every penny of the Uber or Lyft trip to help save the quality of life in our neighborhood.  
• FREE Purple T-shirts will be given out at the door to show our solidarity


The Public Hearing for the Murphy Road proposal has been deferred FOR THE 5TH TIME and is now scheduled for 

Tuesday, APRIL 2


This deferral has been made by Councilman Kindall and is in direct response to neighborhood opposition. If you have a yard sign, please print, cut and tape the revised date and update your sign ASAP!

The next step is that the RWENA board of directors will meet with the developer, GBT, on Monday, March 11 to discuss issues associated with their requested up zoning that were raised in a letter sent to Council member Kindall in February.

RWENA continues to coordinate with surrounding neighborhood groups on a united position and inform the community through this webpage.  Stay tuned for news as it becomes available.


Update your purple Stable Zoning yard sign with this graphic

RWENA Letter of Concerns dated February 5, 2019

GBT’s SP Zoning Change Request Substitute Bill as of February 4, 2019

Check back for details on the April 2nd Public Hearing.


The Community Meeting was held on 1/28 to review proposed changes to the development at 3415 Murphy Rd.

Yielding to concerns and united opposition from the surrounding neighborhoods, the developer of 3425 Murphy Road, GBT, announced a revised plan for the property. The newest proposal is smaller in both height and bulk than their original. The mixed-use combination has also been changed to hotel, retail, and residential instead of office, as previously proposed. Council-members Kindall, Allen, and Murphy have coordinated this Community Meeting for neighbors to learn about the new proposal from the developer and ask questions directly.

The project is located on a 1.5-acre parcel on Murphy Road now occupied by Fifth Third Bank. Existing zoning would allow a building approximately 100 feet tall. The developer needs a zoning change to move forward with their current plan which includes two towers of 167’ and 112’, respectively. Community engagement establishes an important precedent for how Nashville manages growth and strikes a balance between corporate interests and community needs.

The RWENA Board of Directors will consider its position after the Community Meeting. It is important to attend this community meeting to learn more, ask questions, and communicate with other neighbors and the developer.

SEE YOU MONDAY, JAN. 28, 6PM, WEST END MIDDLE Enter the school from the parking lot off of Bowling Ave, near the soccer/football fields.

update to public hearing

The Metro Council Public Hearing for the proposed Murphy Road development and zoning change has been postponed until Tuesday, February 5th at 6:30 pm.

Why is the Public Hearing rescheduled?

The week before Christmas, the developer announced a revised plan for the property.  Yielding to pressure from the community, the newest proposal is smaller in both height and bulk.  The mixed use combination has also been changed to hotel, retail, and residential instead of office, as previously proposed.

Councilmembers Kindall, Allen, and Murphy will hold a Community Meeting in January, date and time TBD, for neighbors to learn about the new proposal from the developer and ask questions directly.  Councilmember Kindall is deferring the Council Public Hearing until February 5th to allow time for the January Community Meeting(s).

  • If you have a yard sign, please keep it up and update the date by printing and taping on this FEB. 5 lettering.

  • We have been provided with the following details about the revised proposal:

Why is everyone talking about the 3415 Murphy Road Fifth Third Bank Development?

Watch this video for a quick overview:

GBT Realty, a Brentwood based strip shopping center developer, is seeking a zoning change to build a hotel, office and retail project that is nearly double the height and density allowed by the existing zoning. The Richland-West End Neighborhood Association, Sylvan Park Neighborhood Association, Hillsboro-West End Neighborhood Association and the White Bridge Road Neighborhood Association formally oppose a change to the current zoning that would allow this massive development. Click here to view the official press release.

 It’s just a lot for that lot.

The associations do not oppose a new development on the site. There is a right way and a wrong way to integrate commercial development near established neighborhoods; this zoning change sets an unwelcome precedent for future development. The proposed zoning change would:

  • Allow for the construction of a building that would be 207’ high and have a floor area of 378,700 square feet. This is nearly double the height and density allowed by existing zoning.  As reference, this is nearly three-fourth the density of the Pinnacle Tower downtown.

  • Increase the number of car trips on Murphy Rd. by over 4300 new car trips per day. And, that doesn’t account for the amount of increased traffic in the neighborhoods from those trying to avoid Murphy Rd.

  • Signal other developers that this kind of disproportionate density is not only feasible but may be desirable by the majority of the residential neighborhoods that surround it.

  • Generate significant light, sunset glare, and noise pollution that will negatively affect the aesthetics and well-being of area neighborhoods with boundaries less than 1,000 feet from the project.

  • Incorporate essentially NO green space or tree canopy and is not consistent with environmental or aesthetic livability designs currently being implemented across the country. 
This is a direct result of its sheer bulk that fills every inch of the 1.5-acre lot with concrete.

The current view from the 3500 block of Richland Avenue and what it would look like with the new development:

How To Stop The Proposed Zoning Change:

The Metro Council was scheduled to hold a public hearing and vote on the proposed zoning change on Tuesday, December 4. THAT METRO PUBLIC COUNCIL HEARING HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL THURSDAY, JANUARY 3rd at 6:30 p.m. GBT Realty has indicated to Council members Kindall, Murphy and Allen that they are making changes to the design that they will share with the community at a later date to be announced. The building site is in Ed Kindall’s district and he has not yet made a final decision on whether or not he supports the request for the zoning change. Council member Kathleen Murphy opposes it. Other council members will vote with Ed UNLESS there are a large number of people who attend the January 3rd meeting to oppose it. Our goal is to have at least 200 neighbors who oppose the zoning change attend the meeting.

1. ATTEND the meeting!

  • Meet on the second floor outside the Council Chambers at One Public Square between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 3rd.

  • The Metro Council meeting begins promptly at 6:30 p.m.

  • Invite your neighbors to go with you and carpool – parking is free

  • Need a ride? Post a ride request on NextDoor or ask a neighbor

  • T-shirts will be given out at the door to those attending to show solidarity


2. Support the cost of these efforts via this Go Fund Me Page

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 5.02.41 PM.png

3. Contact Members of Metro CouncilUse this link for Metro Council Members’ contact information. Please email and/or call as many council members as you can, especially between now and January 4th. If you personally know a Member of Council other than Kathleen Murphy or Burkley Allen, we would like to have you make a personal call to explain why this project should not be approved. For talking points or to discuss further, please email Jim Kelley,, Anna Grimes Noser, or Amy Crownover,

4. Put a sign in your yard encouraging neighbors to attend the meeting. Pick up a free sign beginning Wednesday, November 21st at either of the following house porches:

  • 3805 Richland Ave.

  • 3722 Central Ave.

  • 220 Mockingbird Rd.

  • 3340 Acklen Ave.

  • 3104 Acklen Ave.

  • 4010A Colorado Ave.


Yard Sign:

Yard sign

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